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Manufacturer & Exporter of Consumables for Your Care

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                                                                 Now, We Have the D&B Confidence

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YourCare is part of a group of organisations and is backed by rich experience of 25 years.  We are offering the following products :      

YourCare Electrode Conductive Gel (ECG Gel, Sonography Gel, Ultrasound Gel) is a highly effective and safe product. It is formulated as per the international standards under highest safety conditions, so that the Gel is safe and highly effective to be used for therapeutic medical ultrasound. The products we offer cater to the requirements of hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other health care centers.



YourCare Hand Sanitizer is an extremely powerful hand sanitizer killing 99.9% of germs. Containing a germ-beating technology, the hand sanitizer provides long lasting protection against the spread of germs while being gentle to hands.            


We are pleased to add the following products in our range of supplies. These products, ofcourse, will be of international quality as those of our existing products :



Medical Disposable Products




Adult Diaper



Face Masks


Caps – Non-Woven



Medical Aprons / Surgical Gown



Bed Sheet / Drapes



HIV AIDS – Kit Sterile


Shoe Cover



Shoe Cover Dispenser


Surgical Gloves – Sterile



Surgical Gloves – Non Sterile


Examination Gloves



Disposable Plastic Gloves


Disposable Plastic Gloves with Paper / Long Sleeves



Alcohol Swabs


Lancet Needle Steel



Lancet Needle Plastic – Round / Flat



Lancing Pen



Prep Razor / Skin Blade


Surgical Blade





Needle & Syringe Destroyer – Electrical



Manual Needle & Syringe Destroyer


Three in One Needle & Syringe Destroyer – Metal



Cord Clamp


Biodegradable Bags



Urine Bag


Sputum / Sample Container





Disposable Tips



Autoclavable Tips


Micro Centrifuge Tubes



PCR Tubes


Test Tubes / Collection Tubes



Petri Dishes


Sample Cups / Containers





Pasteur Pipettes / Droppers



Embedding Rings, Tissue Block



Urine Collection Bottle



Digital Micro Pipette Variables



EDTA Products



HIV / Malaria Test Strip Cassette



Centrifuge Tubes





Storage Vial





Micro Centrifuge Tubes



Micro Tips


Ria Vial



Evacuated Tubes


ESR Pipettes



Neo Natal Blood Collection Tubes





Since, we are exporting our products across various parts of the globe, we also pay utmost care while packaging the entire consignments. This helps us to ensure that the products are protected against contamination and other impurities during transit. By offering safe, pure and highly effective products, we have been able to garner reputed clients.

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